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You need to know Sarah Darling. She’s an American country singer-songwriter with two studio albums and two EPs in her career who will in a matter of days give her fans (her combined Twitter and Facebook followers number over 100k!) yet another glorious musical set; another full-length album (her third), the aptly-called “Dream Country” - out in stores on February 10th independently.

Halley's Comet” (listen below) is the latest single from “Dream Country” and is a song that nicely makes sense with the title of Sarah’s forthcoming LP. It is DREAMY country music, it is a ballad filled with precious, princess-like vocals from Sarah, and features a message of perseverance and hope. If you had heard from Sarah before, awesome! - but if not, “Halley's Comet” is the perfect song you need to hear first to fall in love with Sarah immediately. I bet you will follow her on FB and Twitter right after you finish hearing this song. It is just beautiful and it stirs your soul.

Direct Lyrics has partnered up with Sarah Darling via her management to host an exclusive giveaway contest to give one lucky fan the handwritten - by Sarah that is - lyrics of “Halley's Comet” to celebrate the impending release of her new album “Dream Country”. Good luck!


* One cute sheet containing the handwritten lyrics of “Halley's Comet”
sarah darling handwritten lyrics


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Congratulations to... Derek Troy Ortega!!!

By on February 3, 2017

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