Free Download: Azealia Banks - “Slay-Z” [Mixtape]

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After months of building anticipation, Harlem raptress Azealia Banks released her “Slay-Z” mixtape earlier this week – and not in the most “common” form. She didn’t release the 8-song mixtape on SoundCloud or on, she uploaded it on WeTransfer and shared the link on her socials (she came back to Twitter for a few hours to share the link there but she eventually “deactivated” her account again) so any fan could download it for FREE! Say what!? And what caused this unusual delivery method? Apparently Azealia had heard an engineer that worked in the mastering process of the album was threatening to leak songs from “Slay-Z”, and when the “212” star heard about it she got pissed and decided to release the mixtape in this “rushed” WeTransfer manner.


What songs are included on this mixtape?

1. Riot
2. Skylar Diggins
3. Big Talk
4. Can't Do It Like Me
5. The Big Big Beat
6. Used To Being Alone
7. QOC
8. Along The Coast

What’s the overall sound of “Slay-Z”? Well, here’s what Azealia said about it on her now-deactivated Twitter account some time ago when replying to a follower: “Slay-Z” is about to crush everyone’s little hip-house/trap avant grade dreams”.

Azealia Banks’ is said to be releasing another mixtape called “Fantasea II: The Second Wave” this summer!

Favorite songs?

By on March 27, 2016
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