Fleur East Proves She's Still Got It With African, Dance Bop "Favourite Thing": This Would Have Won Eurovision For The UK

fleur east favourite thing

Love this. Fleur East is such a powerhouse.

If by any crazy chance you don't know her, Fleur East was the runner-up in the 2014 edition of The X Factor UK and she's the singer of "Sax" - one of THE biggest bops of 2015. Fleur did release a debut album with "Sax" leading the project but unfortunately that didn't perform very well nor the rest of singles released. The following years Fleur kept a low profile. And last year she came back to the spotlight by being a contestant on "I'm a Celebrity... Get Out of Here!" on UK TV. She finished fourth in that latest season of the ITV 1 reality show. Now having recovered some of her popularity and momentum back, Fleur is pushing forward with the beginning of a new era in her music career. We don't know yet if it's new album or an EP that is coming but we do know this new song called "Favourite Thing" is the lead single. Fleur East dropped it on digital platforms last Friday, January 4th. The single started strong quickly cracking the Top 5 on iTunes UK but shockingly, as of this post, it is already outside the Top 10. Shocking because I thought UK people would make this a #1 on iTunes EASY. What's happening here? Are British pop lovers still on vacation or what? They need to get it together. This is just embarrassing for Fleur. I do hope, though, she has some promotion lined up. A TV performance or something. Maybe that's what this song needs.

"Favourite Thing" is a bop with African vibes, infectious African chants, a deliciously-executed dance-pop moment, powerful vocals from Fleur East, sassy/playful lyrics, and just a lot of amazing and magnetizing energy. I'm truly obsessed. The music video though... it is a bit of an anti-climax. The song deserved better. I understand the budget was tight but I would have preferred something simpler but better executed instead. The song though... It's just big. I really think Fleur East just needs THAT performance. Must be on a huge show. She needs it.


Also, hearing this song and knowing Fleur East is for some reason struggling to 100% connect with the UK audience (unfair but true), maybe Eurovision can be a great platform for her. Maybe she needs to get outside the UK and develop her music career internationally and Eurovision could be that gateway. Or if she wins Eurovision then maybe she can get that validation and the UK audience would finally appreciate her talent for real. I say this because I totally imagine "Favourite Thing" winning Eurovision. It's a massive song and Fleur East can SLAY a stage. Remember this? (video below)

By on January 6, 2019

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