Fifth Harmony Told To “Go And Put Some Clothes On!” Live On Australian TV: Watch

fifth harmony sunrise

The Fifth Harmony-mania continues in Australia.

The biggest girl group in the world” appeared live this Wednesday morning on Australian TV show “Sunrise” to perform two songs off their “7/27” album; these being the LP’s only two official singles to date “Work From Home” and “All In My Head (Flex)”.

Dressed all in white, Camila and the rest of the 5H troop delivered decent performances of these two catchy songs of theirs - but they weren’t the best. Evidently the group was tired from all the traveling they’ve done in the recent weeks and from waking up so early today for this TV appearance. So their at-times-lukewarm stage energy and on-and-off vocals were understandable.

What was not understandable, though, was the comment made by the female “Sunrise” co-host during an interview following Fifth Harmony’s “All In My Head (Flex)” performance. She told them to “PUT SOME CLOTHES ON”.

Say what!? How dared she?

fifth harmony sunrise australia

Fifth Harmony’s may be too sexy at times but they are strong, independent women and they can do and wear whatever they want.

The shameful co-host knowing she had caused an awkward moment tried to do some damage control explaining her comment to had been about the cold weather in Sydney…but she did that clarification 5 seconds late. WE ALL KNOW YOU DIDN’T REALLY MEAN THAT COMMENT TO BE ABOUT THE WEATHER!

Fifth Harmony girls’ reactions were priceless…


Rude moment after this performance... (4:37)

By on July 13, 2016

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