Fifth Harmony Shoot “All In My Head” Video In Malibu / Playing It Too Safe With Their New Singles?

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"If it ain't broke, don't fix it" I know, but I'm tired already of Fifth Harmony continuing with this "safe" game and not pushing for something greater.

Ally, Dinah, Camila, Normani and Lauren were photographed earlier this week wearing bikinis and bathing suits on the beach in Malibu filming scenes for their upcoming music video for "All In My Head (Flex)" - the confirmed next single from the female pop group's forthcoming second studio album "7/27", due in stores on May 27th via Epic.

"All In My Head (Flex)" hasn't been officially announced as the group's next single by mouth of any Fifth Harmony member yet - but we know it is COMING for it was recently listed by Mediabase as going for adds on Rhythmic radio on June 7th. Plus, this video shoot in Malibu closes the deal.

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"All In My Head (Flex)", a yet-unheard song from "7/27", features rapper Fetty Wap and here is my problem. I may not have heard the song yet but I already know how it's going to be. A pop-urban banger, with possibly an intro and bridge performed by "Trap Queen" star Fetty Wap. This being the same formula Fifth Harmony's applied with "Worth It", featuring Kid Ink, and "Work From Home", featuring Ty Dolla $ign. Both were hits, I know, but we JUST got "Work From Home" from the girls - so was it really necessary to give us another "+ a rapper" single? It feels like L.A Reid knows what works out well for Fifth Harmony (these "+ rappers" songs) and, not wanting to hear the word "flop" anymore across the Epic Records headquarters' hallways, he's going to make sure that Fifth Harmony only releases these rapper-featured songs as singles. That would mean that after "All In My Head (Flex)", Fifth Harmony will be releasing "Not That Kinda Girl" featuring Missy Elliott or they will be recording a new version of some song from "7/27" so it features a rapper. That's how Fifth Harmony works nowadays and I feel really sad. Why can't their next single be a song where the only performers are the five girls? Who knows, maybe it WILL be a hit! Have faith in your girls, L.A! Take risks!


By on May 20, 2016

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