Fantasia Stays In Past With New Single “No Time For It” [Audio + Review]

fantasia no time for it

I love me some Fantasia Barrino ever since her days on “Idol”, so I’m pretty hurt that her career hasn’t become the great success everyone expected. I mean, indeed she’s accomplished a few things, has had a couple of hits, has sold some decent number of album copies, and has even won a Grammy but she ain’t no superstar yet, and with every new album she releases, it seems like her popularity and sales decrease. So what does the future hold for Fantasia? Keep on releasing albums until RCA lets her and hope for the best apparently. You see, I love her, and I don’t like that her career has turned into this “safe” and predictable thing. She should be on top of the charts, and she’s kind of sleeping on her laurels if you ask me. And much of the blame belongs to RCA true.

2016 will be the year when Fantasia returns to music with a new studio album, her fifth. The set is still pending a release date confirmation by RCA but the lead single is here already apparently. The song “No Time For It” got released on iTunes today, January 8th, and can be streamed on VEVO – should you not wish to make a purchase.

And the hate don’t really matter, nah / There's no time for it / Oh-oh, there's no time for it / No time, no time, no time”, sings Fantasia in the chorus of her new single, which purpose is apparently to shake people’s world in a good way to make them realize that what haters say should be ignored as the only thing that matters is that you do you and you stay true to your beliefs.

The production on “No Time For It” is pretty okay and definitely has some pop appeal to it. I guess RCA wanted Fantasia’s first single to be playable on Top 40 radios. And as far as the melody, I like Fantasia’s timing in the verses, but the chorus is unfortunately a little flat to me. Overall, “No Time For It” is a song with a nice message, and it’s cute, I’m not going to lie, but it’s definitely something that I don’t see myself craving to hear again and again. It’s cute and ‘meh’ at the same time. Very early 2000s too. I’m thinking either Fantasia or the RCA executives didn’t get the memo that we’re in 2016 already and that R&B music needs to be refreshed a little to do well. I mean, Fantasia can still prevent this single to fall quick into oblivion if she gets Kelly Rowland or some other R&B princess to guest on it in a remix.

You see, this is why I say that Fantasia’s career has become some safe and predictable.

Hit or Miss?

By on January 8, 2016
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