Exclusive Song Premiere: Towne - “Camouflage”

towne camouflage

We all have bad days, days where we feel too frustrated, days where our objectives unfortunately aren't accomplished. That's just life. But is it possible to obtain something positive from that situation? If you're a singer and a songwriter, hell yeah. Let me introduce you to Towne, a Nashville-based duo who recently made me feel so reflective and so moved at the same time. I was lucky enough to get an early first listen of their new single "Camouflage" a week ago and I kid you not when I say tears were about to come out from my eyes. I just connected with the lyrics so much. The theme of "Camouflage" is the story of a person who is feeling invisible and is feeling a little bit misunderstood too. The new Towne single, which I'm so happy to be exclusively premiering right now (digital release occurs at midnight!), is a country ballad that starts a little bit playful in the first verse, but that's just a little moment to capture your attention and surprise you with the intensity and the drama-filled emotion that will quickly ensue. Steevie Steeves, the female lead vocalist of the duo, will show off many aspects of her vocal repertoire in "Camouflage" and it will be a bliss listening to her. But it's particularly the chorus that wowed so much. She attacked this part of the song with such a level of emotion that literally my jaw dropped to the floor a little and I suddenly had the desire to go out and give her a hug, because I truly felt the pain in her voice. That "I need ya like I need to breathe" line in particular, and the non-stop extremely emotional singing she did afterwards, almost losing her breath, just had me on the edge!

Speaking to Direct Lyrics of "Camouflage", Towne's Steevie commented:

“I think everyone has had an experience where they feel invisible, neglected, or unnoticed at some point in their lives - whether it be romantically, professionally, or otherwise. It’s so frustrating if you risk it and put yourself out there for love, friendship, life, or business, and find it’s getting you nowhere. We were all airing our frustrations that morning in the writing room and the idea of feeling like “camouflage” started getting tossed around... Then our co-writer, Bonnie Baker, hit that piano lick and we were off to the races. It all really came together in what we hope is a song that relates to those feelings."

All she said I heard and felt in the song. This is one beautiful tune. From the piano production to the lyrics and the vocals, this is just flawless. You just know when a song gives you goosebumps, it was so worth the listen.


Read the lyrics to "Camouflage" here

By on April 5, 2018
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