Exclusive Song Premiere: Jenn Bostic - “Faint Of Heart”

jenn bostic faint of heart

I present you the world premiere of Jenn Bostic’s brand new single “Faint of Heart”, a track that will appear on the American singer-songwriter’s upcoming fourth studio album “Revival” (in stores on May 4th). “Faint of Heart” will hit digital platforms at midnight tonight wherever you are so enjoy the exclusive first listen we’re giving you right now. 50% of all proceeds from “Faint of Heart” will be given to the charity Whole Planet Foundation throughout the month of March, so that’s another reason, besides the song being so amazing, to buy Jenn’s new single on iTunes or stream it on your favorite platform as of tonight’s midnight.

I personally wasn’t too familiar with Jenn Bostic’s work until I was offered this exclusive premiere and I felt so foolish by this fact after I listened to “Faint of Heart”. Jenn is one amazing songwriter and “Faint of Heart” is an extremely emotional and beautiful piano ballad that will make you reflect, will inspire you, and will encourage you to keep pursuing your dreams no matter the obstacles ahead or what anybody says. One of the last lyrics of “Faint of Heart” particularly pierced right through my soul: “But then every time my heart starts to break, I write another song”. That was the moment I realized Jenn’s new single had become one of my favorite inspiring anthems ever.

Speaking of her new song, Jenn shared: “It shares my story in the most vulnerable way. When you’re chasing a dream, doubt is inevitable, but if you believe you’re chasing your purpose, then it doesn’t matter how many times you circle the mountain, you have to keep circling.”.

Indeed “Faint of Heart” is a very vulnerable song (not anybody is strong enough to open her heart to her fans like this), it tells the story of the many struggles and doubts Jenn has had to face in her life and career but ultimately we receive the encouraging moral that there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel and a mountain, which no matter how high, you will manage to defeat with perseverance.



By on March 8, 2018

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