Exclusive Q&A with Gia Woods: Talks New Single “Jump The Fence”, Promises New Music “Every Month”, Dreams Of Madonna Duet!

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One of my pop discoveries last week was the new single by up-and-coming pop artist Gia Woods titled “Jump The Fence”. I got obsessed to the point I just had to contact her team and ask for a Q&A with her.

Gia Woods may look like a young rookie singer but doing a quick read of her biography I found out that what she has achieved in her short career is extraordinary. For instance, the music video for her coming-out song (Gia is a proud Persian-American lesbian) titled “Only A Girl” has been watched over 10 million times on YouTube and she’s part of the same record label as The Chainsmokers!

“Jump The Fence” may be the first new song Gia Woods has released since 2017 but it’s because during this whole time she has been literally “locked up” in the recording studio creating new music for her amazingly patient fans. But that period of time of being completely MIA is over. 2019 is going to be her year. What do I say that? The answer to Question 4 in the Q&A will be very revealing.

First, go and give “Jump The Fence” a listen. Next, fall in love with the song as I did. And then, check out what Gia Woods had to exclusively tell Direct Lyrics a few days ago.


1. Hi Gia, where are you answering this Q&A from and how has your day been like so far?

I’m laying in bed and so far my day has been pretty relaxing. It rained pretty hard and I felt like that was a good excuse to stay in.

2. You have a new single out, “Jump The Fence”. What can you tell us about it?

It’s a feel good song about trusting your intuition over anything else.

The recording process felt effortless, it all just came together so perfectly. It truly was just such a blast!

3. What did you want to convey with the music video?

This whole video was based around this plexiglass box which was a metaphor for how you can clearly see something you want but sometimes society or expectations can misguide that.

4. Is “Jump The Fence” the first of other new songs we can expect from Gia Woods in 2019? Are there any projects like an EP you would like to give your fans in the near future?

I’m not sure if it’s going to be an EP or an album, but I’m planning on dropping a single almost every month! So definitely stay tuned for more music and videos coming your way soon!

5. You are signed to Disruptor Records, which boasts a pretty incredible roster of artists such us The Chainsmokers, Lost Kings or Xylo. How was your signing process?

They heard my single “What I Like”, then flew out to see my live performance. After we all met in person, I knew that they would be the perfect partner. They are an incredible team who not only understand on the label side but on the management side as well!

6. The music video for your 2015 song “Only A Girl” accumulates over 10 million views on YouTube to date. How amazing is that? Especially considering it's a song very dear to your heart.

It’s incredible!! I truly had know idea it would reach that many people, but I’m so happy it did. I hope it inspires other people to be as brave.

7. What's hot on your Spotify/Apple Music right now?

I’ve been listening to a ton of new music. But I’ve been really into Toro y Moi, Polo & Pan, and Dominic Fike lately!

8. Who is your dream collaboration? Why him or her, and how do you imagine you original song to be like?

Madonna! Because she’s been such a huge inspiration to me, and I don't know how the song would sound, but hopefully something with a classic-Madonna feel.

9. What's one advice that you would give someone who's also looking forward to pursue a career in the music industry?

Make sure you’re doing it for all the right reasons and that you’re passionate about it because it’s not easy!

By on February 7, 2019

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