Exclusive Interview: New City On “Getting Closer”, Signing To Universal & Timbaland’s Label, Dream Collaboration!

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Toronto-based up-and-coming band New City released earlier this year a bop titled "Getting Closer". It was because of this song that I got very interested in this Canadian trio and just a few days ago I had the opportunity to interview them - just after the premiere of the "Getting Closer" official music video.

New City are signed to Universal Music Canada and now to Timbaland's label (yep! THAT Timbaland) and with "Getting Closer" - the band's third single of their career (the must-be-checked-out-too "Dirty Secrets" and "Coachella" were released in 2017), they are ready to expand their reach to south of the Canadian border now. And "Getting Closer" sounds totally like the right track to achieve that. Spotify streaming numbers are hot, hot hot, and me thinks that with a little bit of right promo, New City could seriously be the next big pop band in America and why not even in more countries. "Getting Closer" is just so catchy and addictive.

If you hadn't heard anything about New City yet, then this is the right moment to connect with them and get obsessed. You can thank me later.


1. Hi New City! How has your day been like so far?

- Pretty good!! We had breakfast and found out our new track "Getting Closer" passed 1,000,000+ streams already. So you could say it's a pretty good day! (laughs)

2. For starters, how did you all meet and get the band together?

- Nate and Jed have known each other since they were like 7 years old and made their first band when they were in middle school. When they moved to Toronto, I (Adrian) randomly met Jed at a hotel party. We just started talking about music together and realized we had heard each others stuff before and liked it. I was actually working at an investment company at the time and went after work one day to Jed and Nate's basement apartment and started just working on music.. Not long after that I quit that job and we've never stopped since.

3. How did you come up with your stage name of NEW CITY?

We were close to picking a bunch of awful names, basically anything that wasn't trademarked already and thankfully New City came up. The words New and City were always bouncing around but then one day it just clicked. We all moved to a New City (Toronto) to pursue our dreams and we wanted our music to take us to a new city everyday. So New City seemed very fitting.

4. What were some of your musical influences growing up?

- We all have such different taste in music but I think thats what makes our music so new and diverse. We listen to everything from Michael Jackson, to Calvin Harris to All Time Low, to Red Hot Chili Peppers etc etc!! Almost everything.

5. You were signed by Universal Music Canada and recently you signed with Timbaland’s Mosley Music Group. How exactly were you discovered and how did you react to so many great people believing in your work? Dream come true?

A dream come true for sure. We got signed by Universal Music Canada in 2016. We basically walked in the front door with 5 of our best demos that we wrote and self produced in our basement. We weren’t even trying to get signed at the time but they basically gave us an offer we couldn’t refuse. The Timbaland connection was actually out of nowhere. We were in Palm Springs shooting the music video at this crazy house for our song “Coachella” and we were smoking a joint after we wrapped outside and our manager pat came down with an email saying Timbaland has reached out and “is a fan of the music”. We were like “wait what LIKE TIMBALAND???” So we met with him and his team later on and vibed well. We really just got right to talking music. Now being in the studio with him is a movie for us. Totally a dream come true.

6. You recently released your brand-new single called “Getting Closer”. For those out there who have yet to listen to the song, how would you describe its story and sound in your own words?

Getting Closer was written by us for us. We were going through some frustrations and needed something to believe in and that’s how that song came about. It’s about being OK where you are right now and just being yourself and working towards wherever you want to be.

7. You just premiered the music video for the song, what did you want to convey with the treatment and do you remember any fun anecdotes from the video shooting?

This video was all about showing us and the journey we’ve been going through in this band and life. From the basement apartment to the city streets to the stage, we’re working on getting closer to our dreams. Definitely had a great team to help bring this video to life. We actually filmed until 6am and we’re getting served tequila shots in between the takes to try and keep us awake. well worth it! An unforgettable experience.

8. Is there an EP/album or more songs coming up from you later this year? What can fans expect?

Yes, an EP will be dropping this summer. So you can expect lots more music!

9. Is there the possibility Timbaland will produce songs for you in the near future or has he already? In view of the many hits he’s produced in the past, I’m sure the idea must've crossed your minds! Oh, and what are of your favorite Timbaland-produced tracks?

Music is in the works for sure, we can't say much more than that (laughs) but just know we’re working on it! Excited to get back in the studio with him for sure.

10. Who would you love to record a collaboration with one day?

We have so many different artists we look up to for different things. We’re excited to just meet other creative people and just see who we connect with! Calvin Harris is definitely up there though! Big fan of his.

By on May 3, 2018
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