Exclusive Interview: Brynn Elliott On “Time Of Our Lives”, Harvard & Ed Sheeran

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There's nothing better than a smart pop singer.

I present you Brynn Elliott; Harvard graduate and rising pop star.

She will release her debut EP (which she made in collaboration with Nathan Chapman) later in 2018 via a partnership of Big Yellow Dog Music and Atlantic Records.

Brynn recently released a new single called "Time of Our Lives" and it is one of my current OBSESSIONS. The clever lyrics, the feel-good vibes and the heavenly vocals are just too amazing to pass on. So if you haven't heard this song yet, get into it now. I guarantee your day will feel a little better once you give "Time of Our Lives" a listen. And I wouldn't be surprised at all if you put this song on loop all day.

Now check out below the exclusive interview Direct Lyrics had last week with Brynn Elliott where we asked her about her studies, her music, her future projects, her favorite songs of the moment or who her dream collaboration is!


1. Hi Brynn! Where are you answering this Q&A from and how has your day been like so far?

I am in Nashville completing my album! My day has been so exciting. I wrote two songs today and that has never happened before, so it’s a good day.

2. You recently released your newest single “Time of Our Lives”. And you released it the same day you graduated from Harvard. What a fitting title for a such a special occasion, huh? Are you currently living the time of your life?

Yes! It is a song that I wrote about senior year and how my friends and I made a pact to stay present in the moment of our last year on campus together. And it has truly been the time of my life. I got to spend so much time with my friends this last year and I am so excited for what is ahead for us.

3. For those who haven’t heard your song yet, how would you describe its message and sound in your own words?

It is a song about being present in the moment and soaking in every single moment. I am quickly learning that the lesson of being present in the moment is applicable to every chapter of life. The sound is like an anthem…I am very inspired by rock music so I love writing anthems, big sounding songs. This is one of them!

4. Recently it was reported that your new music will be released via a new partnership between Big Yellow Dog and Atlantic Records. What does it mean to you that two important companies are showing you support so early in your career?

It means the world to me! I am so incredibly grateful. Both Atlantic and Big Yellow Dog have artists on their roster that I have been inspired by as an artist. Bruno Mars, Ed Sheeran, Meghan Trainor and Maren Morris. Their artists are powerhouses and to have a spot among them is something I could only dream would be real.

5. You studied philosophy at Harvard. Do your studies influence your music?

My studies influence my music hugely! I got the idea for my song Might Not Like Me when I was taking a class about women philosophers in the 1600s and learned about how they didn’t let the constraints of their time get in the way of doing what they loved or what they were interested in. Taking that class in combination with going through a break-up inspired that song about not being afraid of what people think of you, especially not boys.

6. Later this year you will release your new EP. What can fans expect from the rest of songs? How many?

There will be 5 songs on the EP and they are about my time in college and the nostalgia of it all, and there are a few songs about relationships and the pressures that exist in our culture with the internet.

7. It’s been reported that Nathan Chapman helped you in the creation process of the EP songs. What was the experience like of working Nathan, a man who has co-written some of Taylor Swift’s biggest hits?

Nathan is the best. We really set out to write my story into the songs in this EP and it was so fulfilling. Nathan is an incredible listener and producer!

8. What artists did you grow up listening to?

My dad took me on a road trip when I was 13 and November Rain by Guns n’ Roses came on the radio and I asked my dad about the song. He said “You don’t know about Guns n’ Roses?” He then found the nearest music store and got all these cds - Boston, Chicago, U2 and I just fell in love. Big rock anthems really spoke to me then.

9. What’s the best situation and place you like to do your songwriting?

It’s actually so funny…I’ve written so many songs on a bathroom floor. The acoustics are so good and when I was 16 and first writing songs it was a safe place where no one in the house could hear me.

10. If you had to say a Top 5, which are your favorite songs of the moment?

1. Furious (Jade Bird)

2. In My Blood (Shawn Mendes)

3. I’ll Be There (Jess Glynne)

4. lovely (Billie Eilish with Khalid)

5. You Deserve Better (James Arther)

11. If you could record a collaboration with any artist right now, who would it be, why him or her, and how do you imagine your original song to be like?

Ed Sheeran hands down! I just love how much he puts into his songs and live shows. He has such a specific way of writing songs where you know its his if he wrote it just my hearing it. That is true artistry and I would love to experience that process with him and write a song together! Probably something soulful is what my gut tells me the song would be.

By on June 12, 2018

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