Exclusive Interview: Benjamin Ingrosso On New Single “I Wouldn’t Know”, Eurovision & Sweden Slaying Pop Music!

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He finished in the Top 10 at the Eurovision Song Contest this year representing Sweden with his seductive bop “Dance You Off” (over 20 million plays on Spotify and counting!), he’s signed to the label that launched the careers of Icona Pop (HELLO!) and Zara Larsson (HELLOOOOOOO!), and he just released a brand new single called “I Wouldn’t Know” (a mid-tempo where he shows a more vulnerable side). Of course we’re talking about rising Swedish pop singer Benjamin Ingrosso!

Direct Lyrics recently caught up with Benjamin for an exclusive interview to discuss his Eurovision journey, new music, future plans, what artists he’s currently into or where does he love to summer!

Benjamin is 20, good-looking, talented and has the potential to be the next big pop act to come out from Sweden to take over the world! We warned you!


Direct Lyrics: Hi Benjamin! Where are you answering this Q&A from and how has your day been like so far?

Benjamin: I’m in Stockholm at the moment, my day has been amazing so far and the weather is great!

Direct Lyrics: A lot of us got to know you from Eurovision this year. With the combined votes you finished at number 7. But we really think you deserved a higher position, if not win the competition!

What did you learn from competing on this massive show, what advise would you give the next Swedish representative, and what do you think of the love “Dance You Off” has received across Europe and beyond?

Benjamin: Thank you for your support, it means so much! Eurovision was a great opportunity for me to showcase my music. I’ve been in Spain a lot during the summer and people have come up to me showing their love, so that is really cool. It’s also fun when you are in a different city and you hear your music in stores!

My advise for the next Swedish representative is to look at it as a fun and exciting experience and not be to serious about it.

Direct Lyrics: You have recently released a brand new single, “I Wouldn’t Know”. The song is more mellow than “Dance You Off” and the lyrics are gloomier too. What inspired the lyrics and did you feel any pressure of having to release something “perfect” for your fans following the massive success of “Dance You Off”?

Benjamin: Lyrically I wanted to write a more melodic and melancholy song compared to ’Dance You Off’. Especially with the lyrics. The song is about my girlfriend like all the songs I've recently been writing. I was nervous about releasing something new, but at the same time I know that my whole album is of high quality so it did not matter that much which song was the next single.

Direct Lyrics: Will there be a music video for “I Wouldn’t Know”?

Benjamin: There will be music videos for the album but not for ’I Wouldn’t Know’. That song have a lyric video though!

Direct Lyrics: You have consistently dropped singles since 2015 but no album yet. Is an EP/full-length album something that is in your plans in the medium-term or do you prefer the singles-only approach?

Benjamin: Now, finally my debut album is coming this fall! I can’t wait for this album! I’ve been working on it for such a long time and I am very proud of it.

Direct Lyrics: You are signed to TEN Music, who has launched the careers of many famous Swedish acts. How exactly were you discovered?

Benjamin: I was discovered by Ola Håkansson, the founder of TEN. He heard the demo version of my first song ’Fall In Love’ and then he called me up and said that he wanted to sign me.

Direct Lyrics: There have been so many Swedish acts making a huge impact in the music scene internationally in the latest years. Why do you think this is, why do Swedes get pop music right every time, and who are some your personal favorite Swedish singers/bands?

Benjamin: I think Swedes do pop music so well is because we are great with melodies. Melodies could also come easier to us because of the way we speak. The Swedish language is very melodic! And because the weather sucks so we spend 90% of our time in the studio. My personal favorites are Ted Gärdestad and ABBA.

Direct Lyrics: What artists are you currently loving?

Benjamin: At the moment I’m streaming artist such as:

  1. Bazzi
  2. ALMA
  3. Daniel Ceasar
  4. Anderson .Paak
  5. Post Malone

Direct Lyrics: Quick final round! Favorite movie you last saw?:

Benjamin: TED - Swedish movie about one of my favorite Swedish artists!

Direct Lyrics: Last concert you attended and loved?

Benjamin: Beyonce & Jay Z in Stockholm

Direct Lyrics: Favorite place to go summer?

Benjamin: The Swedish archipelago

Direct Lyrics: Favorite food?

Benjamin: Pasta

Direct Lyrics: Favorite word in Swedish?

Benjamin: ’Ba sådär skönt’ - It sort of means : just like that

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