Exclusive Song Premiere: Daphne Willis - “Forgiveness”

daphne forgiveness

We all love our pop bops but there is also a time when our soul requires us to feed it with a powerful mid-tempo or ballad number that hits right on the “emotions” spot and makes us remember music should also be about honest quality songs with a message, and not just commercial stuff to cater to Top 40 radios and make lots of heartless money. This was the first reflection that I thought aloud to myself when giving Daphne Willis’ new single “Forgiveness” a first listen earlier this week, in complete exclusivity. “Forgiveness” is a moving song filled with spectacular vocals from Daphne, a little rap, a marching band drums and piano production, and very importantly, a deep message, which is that of healing. What do I mean? We all have done someone wrong and we all have been done wrong by someone at some moment. Revenge, anger, and other nasty feelings are usually the common paths we tend to mentally follow after being part of a situation like this but if we truly want to move on, have a clear conscience, and most importantly, heal, forgiveness is sincerely the way to go. In this new powerful song, Daphne Willis (31, raised in Chicago, currently residing in NYC, and with a few albums and an EP on her back) wants us to reflect exactly about that. She will swallow her ego to be the better human being and she hopes for reciprocity.

But let’s now let Daphne do the talking about what inspired “Forgiveness” . Here's what she had to tell Direct Lyrics about this new track:

“Forgiveness is a powerful thing. It has been one of the themes of my life for a long time. I think we all struggle with guilt and shame on so many levels. I have certainly felt guilty for things I have done and said in the past, and I have felt hurt by others for things they may or may not have even intended to cause me pain. The more I lean into forgiveness and vulnerability, the more those dark places are filled with love and light. We all have to try harder to truly love and understand one another. When I wrote "Forgiveness" as a pledge to do just that.”

I feel like I’m already a better person for just listening to this song (lol). But for real, this song got me emotional, I totally understood the message, and Daphne really impressed me with her really strong pipes… I was like “Wow. That’s some amazing control”. If you’re looking for a song that will put a big smile on your face and lower your stress level, Daphne Willis’ new single “Forgiveness” is the song you need to stream in this cloudy and semi-cold fall day. The song, which is part of Daphne’s upcoming new EP, is officially out tomorrow, October 12th, but you can get an exclusive early first listen on right now!


By on October 11, 2018

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