Exclusive: Aston Merrygold On “Get Stupid” Samsung Revival, New Music In 2018 & JLS Nostalgia

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If Aston Merrygold ever was an iPhone guy, then I’m convinced he will be switching, or already has made the switch, to a Samsung Galaxy.

For their brand new S9 smartphone, Samsung has chosen Aston’s 2015 solo debut single “Get Stupid” to serve as the soundtrack in the official advert for the UK and the rest of the world. The advert has been watched almost 1 million times to date on YouTube and these numbers will undoubtedly multiply if we check the reach of the advert on global television. This has translated into a massive new cascade of streams for “Get Stupid” on Spotify and other platforms (and a surge of Shazam findings as well) basically giving the 2015 song a brand new life cycle in 2018 – three long years later after its original release.

We recently caught up with Aston, whose in the middle of a UK/Ireland tour this month, to ask him all about this amazing opportunity for him this Samsung Galaxy S9 advert is, the return of “Get Stupid”, what he plans to do with this song revival (something new is coming!), his upcoming projects, and of course we had to ask him too about a possible JLS reunion in the future (I stanned so hard for JLS back in the day, y’all!).


1. Hi Aston! Where are you answering this Q&A from and how’s your day been like so far?

Just arrived in Norwich and preparing for tonight’s show. We’ll do soundcheck, bit of rehearsals and get a feed with the guys – fuel for the show tonight!

2. Your 2015 debut solo single ‘Get Stupid’ is featured on the massive Samsung Galaxy S9 advert in the UK. How exactly did that happen? You must be thrilled with the new life it’s given the song many years later, right?

It’s absolutely amazing to see the song reacting again years later, and gaining a whole new bunch of fans. Samsung loved the track and wanted to use it, and we were up for it! It’s a really special moment for me.

3. What was your reaction when you first saw the advert on TV?

It’s pretty special when it catches you by surprise when you’re just watching TV or passing by a TV screen! Couldn’t be happier with how it’s all turned out.

4. To celebrate the occasion, you will be premiering a brand new video for ‘Get Stupid’. What can you tell us about it?

Colour! Lots of colour and movement! We got a great team of dancers on board for this video and really just wanted to have a bit of fun, and you know, Get Stupid!

5. You are touring the UK and Ireland this whole month of April. What is a signature Aston Merrygold concert like?

Non stop energy! We aim to put on a show and have everyone entertained throughout the whole night. I’ve got my team on stage with me, DJ and a couple of dancers, so the energy never stops. Dancing and choreo is a huge part of our show, it’s just a big party.

6. Do you plan on releasing new songs later this year? A new EP/album maybe coming too? We honestly can’t wait!

Thanks, it’s been a while in the making but I wanted to get it perfect and a representation of where I’m at now with my music. We’ll have something for you later this year, the fans have been patient so we need to deliver!

7. You have a solid solo career now. But are you still nostalgic of the JLS days? You know fans would die a for a reunion tour one day, right?

It was a very special time in my life and something I look back really fondly on. We had an incredible time, and we’re all off doing our own thing at the moment, but we’re all still a family, and as long as we’re a family JLS will always exist.

By on April 17, 2018
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