Ella Eyre - "Comeback" [Music Video]

ella eyre comeback music video

So was she just daydreaming? Only one week after premiering her new single “Comeback” on Zane Lowe’s BBC Radio 1, up-and-coming British singer-songwriter Ella Eyre premiered the Jon Jon Augustavo-directed music video on VEVO. Described as "the ultimate break up song" by Ella, “Comeback” will be released in the UK on September 28th and it serves as Ella’s upcoming full-length debut album which will be hitting stores later in 2014 via Virgin EMI Records.

“Comeback” music video review

Loving “Comeback” from the very first listen and I have no doubt whatsoever this song will become Ella’s first solo #1. It’s so good; I find it unbelievable she’s held this in the vault for three long years - Ella confirmed she wrote “Comeback” when she was 17. I guess it’s for the best in the end, because should any label had heard "Comeback”, they would have definitely bought it for one of their artists. Now it's the perfect time for Ella to have dusted the song off because she’s been giving the chance to have a solo career backed a major label, and now she can use “Comeback” as her own song, and score her own #1 hit with it (mark my words—this will happen. Otherwise I'll have to slap Virgin EMI Records' execs… they have to send Ella to every TV show in the UK).

So, as for the “Comeback” music video, it’s brilliant, although the ending left me a bit speechless in a bad way. The Jon Jon Augustavo-directed video – obviously filmed in Los Angeles – opens with Ella Eyre and her ex talking at a diner. He wants her back - even though the wound is still fresh as they only broke up a few days ago. However, Ella is not buying his B.S. He’s a filthy cheater and will always be one. So, not caring about what he has to say, Ella begins to daydream upon looking at her ex’s car keys. She imagines going up to her ex's house, and completely make a mess of it. She will destroy every piece of furniture, tear up his pillows and stain his clothes. The icing of the cake will be setting his fancy car on fire. At the end of the video, Ella wakes up from her daydreaming, throws a glass of water to the man’s face and walks out the diner. My disappointment? I thought for a moment that what she did wasn’t a daydream but reality! Grr!! Excellent video, though!

ella eyre comeback video

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By on August 17, 2014
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