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Dumblonde Save 2018 Pop Music With "White Hot Lies": Single Premiere

dumblonde white hot lies

Dumblonde has a new mission; to give us a lot more pop bops this 2018. They already did in 2015 when they dropped their self-titled debut album and they are looking to repeat that same slayage upon pop lovers 3 years later. And you know what? It looks like the slayage will be that good again in view of the amazing first single of album #2 Dumblonde just released this Thursday morning (July 5).

White Hot Lies” is the new Dumblonde single (Dumblonde being Shannon Bex and Aubrey O'Day who formed this duo after the destruction of Danity Kane) and it’s monstrous bop. It’s a dance/disco-infused pop track whose lyrics revolve around the feeling of having sick addiction to a cheating and lying lover.

“Your white hot lies electrify me / I might just like the way they feel in me / Make me high on a low and I can't let go / But I’m never satisfied”, sing Dumblonde girls in the chorus. Is it just me or does anyone else thing the chorus lyrics might contain some dirty sexual innuendo? Hmmm… just a thought I wanted to put out there.

Love it or hate it? I LOVE IT! The beat is delicious to hear, the lyrics and vocals will make anyone horny, and overall “White Hot Lies” is a breath of fresh air.

Pop music is saved for 2018! Woot!


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By on July 5, 2018
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