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Dev is back in action after a brief hiatus to take care of her first child, the super-cute Emilia Lovely, and she's bringing a new sound along. The Californian singer released late last year a new single featuring rapper Sage the Gemini called 'Kiss It'. The Hit-Boy-produced record saw Dev leaving her electro-pop sound on the side for the moment, and experimenting with a fierce new more urban-oriented.

'Kiss It' is the first offering from an EP that the singer that took the 2011 charts and dancefloors by storm with her monster hit 'In The Dark' is planning to drop on iTunes this summer. 'Bittersweet July' - that's the name of the EP - will be Dev's first musical project since her full-length debut 'The Night the Sun Came Up' in 2011.

Direct Lyrics recently caught up with Dev in an exclusive interview to discuss that upcoming EP of hers, asking her about the meaning of the title, the lead single 'Kiss It', having Sage the Gemin shirtless in the video, what the sound of the EP will be like, if there'll be a 'In the Dark 2.0' in it, and how's motherhood going for her! Read it all below!


1. Hi Dev! It’s been two years since you released your debut album ‘The Night the Sun Came Up’ in the U.S. How excited are you to release new music in 2014?

I'm too excited. I spent a lot of time working on what now is 'Bittersweet July" and I can't wait for people to hear the progression.

2. Your new single ‘Kiss It’ features rapper Sage the Gemini. How did you team up with Sage? Are you a fan of his music?

Sage is from the Bay Area in CA, where I got my start creating and performing music in my early days, so we vibed right off the bat. Sage is also on my record label so it was effortless to get in the studio and really hangout and get to know each other. He is an amazing artist and really one of the nicest people I personally know. Go Sage!

3. Hit-Boy produced your new single. How was like working with him in the studio? And, have you recorded more new songs together?

I was so nervous to get in with Hit-Boy, but he was actually so chill and down to earth it made the recording process really comfortable. I had a 2-day session with him, we had our friends there and other writers, my fiance was there. It felt like we were just hanging out. He's a really talented person and I couldn't be happier with 'Kiss it'.

4. Where did get the inspiration to write ‘Kiss It'? Were you telling 'kiss my a**’ to a specific individual?

I was telling a few different individuals! I was in a very emotional place at that time and telling people to 'Kiss it' felt so much better than making a sad song.

5. Dev premiered in late March the music video for 'Kiss It' on VEVO. What did you want to portray in the video? And, whose brilliant idea was it to have Sage the Gemini shirtless?

Sage being shirtless was only right!! That was a unanimous vote. The idea behind the 'Kiss it' video was based on the women of Edward Scissorhands. Flamboyant outfits, cigarettes, drinks, the 'not so typical housewife'. Kind of like me!

6. ‘Kiss It’ is snappy hip hop-influenced track. Will your upcoming 'Bittersweet July' EP have a hip hop sound?

'Bittersweet July' will be a good mix of pop, electronic, and just a little hip-hop. I always like to mix it up.

7. Why did you name your upcoming EP ‘'Bittersweet July’ and is there a fixed release date yet?

My birthday is in July. I was turning 23, 24, and really experiencing intense but beautiful points in my life, both as an artist and a woman. Out of all of these songs and feelings came the idea to name the EP Bittersweet July. There's no fixed date quite yet, but it will be out around the summer time.

8. How many songs do you hope to include on your EP? What’s your favourite song on it besides ‘Kiss It’? And, what producers have helped you besides Hit-Boy?

There's 6 songs including 'Kiss it' on the EP. I don't really have one favorite because I really do love all of these songs! Besides Hit-Boy I worked with Poet, MNDR, AMMO, J KASH, Benny Cassette, Campa, Stacey Barth, and Amir. So many talented people that I really admire. Its amazing.

9. After your EP is released, how long will Dev fans have to wait to hear your second full-length studio album?

Hopefully not too long, I have a lot of great songs recorded. I do want 'Bittersweet July' to shine and for these records to get great videos and performances, then I'll start thinking of that album!

10. In the latest years you’ve done tons of collaborations with other artists. Demi Lovato (‘Who’s That Boy’), JLS (‘She Makes Me Wanna’), David Guetta (‘I Just Wanna F’) or Eric Saade (‘Hotter than Fire’) to name a few. Briefly tell us your thoughts on these records?

I really enjoyed every single one of these collaborations for different reasons. They all had their own sound and style that really let me experiment a little bit. As a whole these records helped me grow as an artist and reach new fans and new places that, at the time, I wasn't reaching on my own. They were great experiences!

11. Back to ‘The Night the Sun Came Up’ for a moment. You released a single with Enrique Iglesias called ’Naked’. We absolutely loved the song. It had one of our favourite hooks in 2011!. However, besides a #2 peak on Billlboard's Hot Dance Club Songs chart, 'Naked’ didn’t perform that well. What happened?

Firstly, I'm really happy you enjoyed that song, it was super fun! As for the performance of the song, I think it was weird timing. It came out a little too soon, but with those type of things its always hard to tell. I never worry too much about that stuff though because in the grand scheme of things, giving my fans music and visuals to go along with it is most important to me and that was a chapter worth doing so.

Dev New Single Kiss It

12. The Cataracs fully produced your debut album. Will you be re-uniting with them for your second full-length?

So far no. But that could always change. I think we did a lot of cool things together, but I also think we do a lot of cool things separately. It has to feel right and totally organic, that's the way we've always worked best.

Moving on to other topics…

13. For those who don’t know, Dev is now a mom! Your daughter Emilia Lovely is now 2 years and a few months. How are you coping with motherhood?

Motherhood is the most badass thing in the world. She and I are totally in love. We hangout, listen to music, dance around the house. She comes to my shows and I paint her nails. Emilia and my fiance Jimmy are my muses.

14. Mom singers usually record songs inspired by their children with time. And these are certainly precious! Do you think you'll be doing one? I bet Emilia is giving you a lot of song-writing material!

She is, but in different forms. "Kiss it' was made during an emotional time for me, and instead of making a sad song I made a sassy song and Emilia gives me the strength and confidence to do things like that all of the time. She inspires me with her fierceness and her sweetness, I think her and I are a lot alike in balancing those two qualities.

15. If you could choose a few names in the current music scene (that you haven’t worked with yet!) to record a duet, who would them be and why?

Robyn. Danny Brown. ASTR. MSMR. FKATWIGS. There's a lot of stuff I'm a fan of. I look up to so many different artists.

16. What is Dev’s favourite place to vacation?

Depends on my mood. I like Miami, Hawaii, Palm springs. I'm into very warm weather.

17. What is one country that you haven’t been yet that you hope to explore one day?


18. If a fan asked you, ‘When will you give us a new ‘In the Dark’? What would you tell him?

Sooner than you think.

19. What are Dev's Top 5 songs of the moment?

'Aint It Fun' by Paramore

'Move That Dope' by Future.

'The Mother we Share' by CHVRCHES

'Ode to The Sun' by Dredge

'Don't f*cking tell me what to do' by Robyn.

20. Finish the sentence….’Dev is back and…’

Excited to go!

21. Thank you for your time, Dev! Any last thing you would like to share with our readers at Direct Lyrics?

Thanks a lot for your support! And buy 'Kiss It', if you haven't yet!

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