DirectLyrics Interviews Alyxx Dione: Talks Debut Single “Chingalinga”, Signing to Jason Derulo’s Label & Top 5 Songs of Moment!

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Alyxx Dione is the very first signee to superstar Jason Derulo’s Future History label, which he has created in partnership with Sony’s RCA Records, and her debut single “Chingalinga”, produced by hitmakers Jonas Jeberg (“Sledgehammer”) and Jason Evigan (“Heartbeat Song”), can currently be heard on radio.

The sassy urban-pop song, which seeks to convey a female empowering message in a very sexy manner (“My golden gates got the boys locked down / But who got the keys? / I got the keys”), is the first taste from Ms. Alyxx’s upcoming debut album, which she still is recording in the studio, and features none other than her boss, “Want to Want Me” star Jason Derulo. Guesting on “Chingalinga” shows the level of faith he has in newcomer Alyxx’s future!

Directlyrics recently had the opportunity to interview the talented New York-born chanteuse and we asked her all about her new single, how she met Jason Derulo and got signed to his label, what can music lovers expect from her debut album, the sexy Egyptian-themed “Chingalinga” music video, what her favorite songs of the moment are, among other things. Check our exclusive Q&A below!

The Interview

1.How was the process of you signing to Jason Derulo’s Future History Records?

Jason actually saw one of my music videos a little while back and was interested in meeting me ASAP. We met about a week later and the chemistry was great, he had a song that he thought would be perfect for me (“Chingalinga”). I loved the song at first listen. He also asked if I was interested in being the first artist signed to his label, Future History, and of course I said yes. We recorded the single “Chingalinga” together and the outcome was amazing. I am so honored and humbled to be a part of Future History/RCA Records. It’s going to be an incredible ride for sure.

2.Do you feel the pressure to succeed for being Jason’s very first signee to his label?

I definitely understand the magnitude of being Jason’s very first signee to his label so there is certainly some level of pressure, but mainly excitement. As far as the pressure, I welcome the feeling, nothing great comes without pressure; a diamond isn’t made without pressure. It makes me work harder.

3.Your debut single “Chingalinga” is a bona-fide club banger. I immediately loved it on the first listen, and loved it even more when I saw the music video. Why did you decide to go with this particular song as first single over other songs you had perhaps recorded?

Thanks so much! I thought it was important to start off with a song that was catchy and fun, but also had a great message.

4.“Chingalinga” is a very sexy song. For those who haven’t heard it yet (but MUST immediately), how would you explain the message/story of the song?

The message behind “Chingalinga” is self-love and empowerment, especially as a female. We sometimes forget how valuable we are, but the reality is we have value far beyond our wildest imagination. The song reminds us that if someone wants our love, they have to work for it because people appreciate things they have to work for.

5.“Chingalinga” features pop star Jason Derulo and was co-produced by Jonas Jeberg and Jason Evigan. First, how did you react when JD told you he was going to guest on your song, and second, how was like working in the studio with top producers Jonas and Jason who have produced so many incredible songs/hits in the past?

Well first, I was about to jump out my seat when Jason said he was going to get on the song! Lol! But the experience was incredible. I love to be around such amazing hit makers because I can really learn what makes a person great in this industry. I’ve learned so much already, vocally, songwriting, and many other intricacies. I just want to keep learning and keep being in the presence of and working with amazingly talented creators!

6.The “Chingalinga” music video, directed by Dano Cerny, premiered on VEVO in mid-May. It has some of an Egyptian theme which suits very well the sound of your song. How was experience of shooting this glossy, and sexy music video like? AND, you seemed to have great chemistry with Jason!

Ha! Yes, Jason has become a great friend of mine. The comfort level working together is amazing, it was fun, it was exciting and I think that really came to life in the music video. Shooting the video was literally a dream come true! The treatment was everything I could’ve imagined and more. I thought it was important to use references of Egyptian Goddesses and Thrones. I also thought gold was an important color scheme because it symbolizes royalty and helps to remind us girls that we are in fact queens, and deserve everything we desire. Everyone did an incredible job making that vision come together the way it did.

alyxx dione photoshoot

7.RCA confirmed in a press release that you’re currently recording a full-length studio album. How far are you into the process? And, what can Alyxx Dione fans expect from the album songs sound-wise? All very “Chingalinga”-esque or will you maybe wow us with a power ballad? Oh, and what other producers/writers are helping you?

I’m in the very early stages of recording the album. I’m figuring out what stories I want to tell and write about, I have a lot going on in my head at the moment. I’m inspired by various genres of music so definitely expect to hear that on the album. I’ve been working with Jason Derulo (of course), Jonas Jeberg, Jordan Hollywood, Harmony, and Pop & Oak, just to name a few.

8.Jason Derulo featured on your first single, so this question must be asked. Can we expect more hot collaborations in Alyxx’s album?

Of course! Expect a few surprises.

9.What are Alyxx Dione’s Top 5 songs of the moment?

My top 5 songs for today would have to be:

Bad Blood – Taylor Swift

Trap Queen – Fetty Wap

Cheyenne – Jason Derulo

Where Are You Now – Justin Bieber

Yoga – Janelle Monae

10.If you could record an original collaboration with one of your idols right now, who would it be, why, and how do you imagine your song to sound like or be about?

I would love to collaborate with Missy Elliot & Timbaland! It would be such an honor. I have idolized those two since I was a little girl. I’m not sure what the song would sound like or be about, but I’m sure it would be a hit! because those two are legends.

11.Thank you for your time, Alyxx! Any last thing you’d like to share with our readers?

I just want to thank everyone that has been supporting “Chingalinga”, I’m beyond grateful! More music is coming soon, and you can stay updated with everything Alyxx Dione on my socials. @AlyxxDione is the handle for everything. Thanks so much for your time!

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