Did Netsky & Stargate Rip Off Their New Song “Big Hearts” From K-Pop Girl Group Momoland’s “Fly”? You Be The Judge!

momoland fly
netsky big hearts

If this is true, then someone is seriously CANCELLED. I'm just shocked by the level of stupidity an artist can have by ripping off someone else's song and not be decent enough to ask for a licensed sample (in exchange of credits and royalties) and expose yourself to a future lawsuit.

This could be the case of Belgian singer Netsky, who released his new “Abbot Kinney” EP last Friday (December 14). In America, he's being backed by UMG's Republic Records. So this unfortunate situation is rather major.

One of the songs from that EP is "Big Hearts", which according to the credits was co-produced by Netsky and Stargate (my beloved Norwegian production team) ALONE.

So what's the problem? That "Big Hearts" sounds VERY similar to K-pop girl band Momoland's "Fly" BOP song - taken from their "Great!" EP released in early 2018. Guys, the instrumental is... too alike. Just compare both songs below and make your own mind (please share what you think in the comments section)



Wow, right? I never imagined this from Stargate if proved true!

Someone needs to contact Momoland immediately. The girls deserve an explanation as soon as possible.

There has been a long talk about Western artists copying from K-Pop artists and I think this Netsky/Momoland situation is going to add fuel to that debate. What do you think?

By on December 16, 2018

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