Demi Lovato Premieres Spanish Version Of “Tell Me You Love Me”: Stream “Dime Que Me Amas” Now!

demi lovato tell me you love me spanish

Demi Lovato released the “Tell Me You Love Me – The Remixes” EP today on digital platforms. The EP is an 8-song project featuring the original version of “Tell Me You Love Me”, remixes of it, live recordings, and even a surprising Spanish version of the latest single of the sixth Demi Lovato album. And although Demi hasn’t done it, I’ll officially call the Spanish version “Dime Que Me Amas”. On the EP tracklisting, she just wrote the title as “Tell Me You Love Me – Spanish Version”. And that’s just too dull for me.

No sé quien soy si me faltas tu / Me tienes mal, baby, me tienes mal / Oh, dime que me amas”, a heavily emotional Demi Lovato sings in Spanish. The lyrics of this version still transmit the same intention as that of the original: the suffering of Demi of not having the lover she wants by her side.

Although it’s always refreshing to listen to Demi singing in Spanish and Demi’s vocals were quite spectacular (I got goosebumps!), I must say I’m a little bit disappointed at Demi for not trying harder to make this Spanish “remix” fully perfect. A) The Spanish syntaxes of some of the sentences were a mess (who came up with these lyrics? I really want know… he or she needs a few Spanish lessons ASAP) and B) After all these years of releasing one-off Spanish songs, I thought Demi would get the curiosity of finally learning the language for real, but it unfortunately seems it wasn’t that way. Although Demi’s Spanish pronunciation is obviously better than the average American, it clearly showed in her singing delivery that she didn’t genuinely understand some of the sentences she was saying. It felt more as if she had simply learned how to say the Spanish lyrics phonetically and that was it. So I would really encourage Demi to take it seriously and start learning the Spanish language for real and that soon hopefully she impresses her Spanish-speaking fans with an original or a “remix” song with perfect Spanish lyrics sung as naturally as she sings her English songs. But hey, thanks for this new Spanish gift in the form of “Dime Que Me Amas”. The effort is appreciated anyway.


By on March 8, 2018
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