Dami Im Fights Evil In "Gladiator" Music Video

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The sweet Dami Im - winner of the fifth season of "X Factor Australia" - releases today (August 8th) her new single "Gladiator" on iTunes, as well as premiering the music video on VEVO. The South Korea-born Australian singer was immediately signed by Sony Music Australia after the ending of her ‘X Factor’ season in 2013. Her coronation and debut single “Alive” went straight to #1 on the ARIA Singles Chart, and got a platinum certification. In late 2013, Sony released Dami’s debut album which feature no original songs besides “Alive”. 99% of the tracks were studio records of the songs she had performed on "X Factor Australia", that’s right a covers album. Now in 2014, Sony will be releasing soon Dami Im’s first album with all original music. The first single was the song "Super Love" released back in May, which peaked at #11.

The second single is a power mid-tempo called “Gladiator”. We’re not sure yet about who wrote and produced this but it definitely sounds like Ryan Tedder would do circa the Jordin Sparks Battlefield” days. Dami Im’s new single “Gladiator” is easy on the ear, radio-friendly, Dami sings it flawlessly, and I've got the feeling she will annihilate this in an acoustic version.

“Gladiator” music video review

The ancient scrolls tell of a legend. That the one who is pure heart would some day reunite the piece of the sacred medallion, rescue the princess and vanquish evil from the kingdom". That's the caption that can be read at the beginning of the video. As the music video for "Gladiator" moves on, we watch Dam Im grow up as she trains with her master to be a powerful warrior one day. Amid that, we get to see a contemporary Dami Im – looking stunning – in a room filled with white flowers and South Koran historic paintings on the wall as she belts out the "Gladiator" lyrics. The ending scenes show 25-year-old Dami fighting evil and fulfilling the prophecy of the ancient scrolls.

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By on August 8, 2014
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