Confirmed: Coldplay Shot Music Video For Next Single 'True Love'... With A Ballet Company!

chris martin in venice beach

It was reported Coldplay shot last week a music video in Venice Beach in Los Angeles, but it was unknown what song on ‘Ghost Stories’ the music video was for... until today! We can confirm that the next single from the British rock band will be 'True Love'. Fantastic choice, isn’t it? Out of the remaining songs on ‘Ghost Stories’ that have not been picked up as singles yet, ‘True Love’ is definitely my favourite. The tranquil ballad is just perfection, and I totally recommend Gwyneth Paltrow hearing it a few times. My only fear is how well will this song perform on the charts, though. But anyway, back to the news!

How do I know the music video shooting was for ‘True Love’? Because for the video director Jonas Åkerlund required the assistance of a ballet company called The Luminario Ballet, a company ‘presenting classic modern dance repertory and aerial dance’. Cirque du Soleil who? It was this company who spilled the beans via Twitter. Read the revealing tweet below!

And there you go! They’ve also posted two photographs from the filming set of 'True Love'. The theme of the video looks very intriguing! Can't wait to watch!


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By on July 1, 2014

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