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Clean Bandit with “Mama” featuring Ellie Goulding. From the album "What Is Love" (2018).

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I normally like everything Clean Bandit does but can someone tell me what this Latin mess is? I know Clean Bandit probably got the memo as everyone else in the industry that Latin music is the “it” genre to do nowadays but their take on it is why underwhelming, it hurts Clean Bandit’s beautiful discography, and it’s just cringey. “Baby” is the title of UK electronic music band’s new single that they released this week. “Baby” features Marina from Marina and the Diamonds and “Despacito” star Luis Fonsi. The song lyrics are about someone telling their former lover that they’re already with…

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  1. Clean Bandit’s Take On Latin Music “Baby” With Marina & Luis Fonsi Is… Cringeworthy

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