Christina Aguilera Returns With “Accelerate”: Single Premiere

christina aguilera accelerate

Christina Aguilera is officially back.

The 37-year-old pop singer premiered at exactly 8 a.m EST today (May 3rd) her brand new single "Accelerate", which is the first official offering from her forthcoming much-anticipated eighth studio album "Liberation" (in stores on June 15th). When did Christina release her last album? All the way back in 2012. It was "Lotus". So this comeback was LONG overdue. Welcome back, Xtina!

"Accelerate" is a collaboration with rappers Ty Dolla $ign and 2 Chainz, as the album tracklist leak indicated earlier today.

UPDATE: Music video out now!

Review: I don't know what I just heard but this is not what I was expecting for Christina's comeback. She doesn't care about the hits anymore and that's why she's releasing this as her first single? Is this her last album with RCA and that's why the Sony label is letting Christina releasing this kind of material ('cause they just don't care about her anymore and they want just their contract with her to be over as soon as possible)? I need answers. "Accelerate" is all about experimental music and not the clever commercial one I was expecting. I don't think I will be giving this song a second listen. That's how much disappointed I am feeling.

Do YOU think this song has what it takes to make Christina the ruler of charts once again? Will "Liberation" be her new "Stripped"? Let us know in the comments!


Read the lyrics to "Accelerate" here

By on May 3, 2018
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