Cheryl Slays ‘Love Made Me Do It’ Performance On ‘X Factor UK’ But Is The Single DEAD Already?

cheryl x factor performance
cheryl x factor performance 2018

These are not good times for Cheryl. After a four year hiatus from music and just over a year after giving birth to her first child, the British pop singer has returned to her beloved industry to kick start her fifth album era. Lead single “Love Made Me Do It”, an ex-boyfriends bashing anthem, was released a couple of weeks ago and the reception from the UK audience has been rather cold. The song debuted at number 19 on the UK Singles Chart and it's been struggling to remain on the top 20 of iTunes UK. Cheryl hoped to change this bad chart performance with her first live performance of “Love Made Me Do It” last night (Nov. 18) on ITV 1’s “The X Factor UK”. Was she successful? Unfortunately not. Brits are still giving the song the back. As of this post, “Love Made Me Do It” it sits at number 12 on iTunes UK. Cheryl must be feeling very upset at this moment. I know I would be of if I were her. She gave her all on yesterday's ‘X Factor’ performance. She literally slayed that stage but her had work didn't pay off. That's very depressing. If you don't believe me she slayed, watch the performance for yourself below.

See? Cheryl killed it. What a performance, what a production, and what a stage. Vocals were indeed shaky at certain moments but that was totally excusable if you see how Cheryl moved around the entire stage and didn't stop dancing. She knows how to own a stage and I love that about her.

Now what’s next? Release the next single ASAP? For her own sake I hope Cheryl's second single is more of the appealing of the UK pop music loving audience. Perhaps “Love Made Me Do It” is just a song Cheryl wanted to release to feel good with herself and have a mental detox moment and now with the next single she will be back to her regular pop diva self. We'll see.

cheryl x factor performance live
By on November 19, 2018

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