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Cheat Codes Waste Little Mix's Potential In “Only You” Collaboration: Song Premiere

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It's been a long time we don't have new Little Mix music so my anticipation was huge for this song. But having given it a full first listen, my opinion is that this is very weak. Cheat Codes, the producers and “main artist” of this song, had a big opportunity to get a new smash hit with “Only You” due to the fact it features Little Mix, one of the biggest female girl bands of the moment, but they’ve messed it up.

Only You” is a ballad/up-tempo hybrid, whose lyrics talk about a girl who reminisces, quietly emotionally, about a former relationship with a lover who had major potential but in the end what they had exploded in pieces. So now the Little Mix girls sing, very desperately, to this guy that he’s the only one that could fix their hearts but they just know he won’t be returning. Yes, so much drama.

“Only you” starts a s a ballad but after the first fist-pumping Cheat Codes-produced EDM beat drop, the tempo gets a little bit faster.

All in all, this song does nothing, goes nowhere for me, it's forgettable but I do appreciate the beautiful Little Mix vocals.

By the way, this song is from the "Ministry of Sound Presents Love Island: The Pool Party" album. Buy here.


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By on June 22, 2018
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