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Charlie Puth’s Abs Steal The Show In “The Way I Am” Music Video: Watch

charlie puth the way i am video
charlie puth the way i am video youtube

Are you a fan of Charlie Puth’s “The Way I Am”? Yeah? Well, I have great news for you, then. “The Way I Am” has been chosen as the next single from Charlie’s “Voicenotes” album. The confirmation came this afternoon via the premiere of the song’s official music video on the singer’s YouTube channel.

The Colin Tilley-directed music video sees Mr. Puth NOT having the greatest time of his life (his face looks bored) at a house party where various people will come and go. He will then move to the bathtub but his facial expression of boredom will remain the same. It isn’t until he goes out and sits by the pool that he changes his face to a happier one. It will also help his mood that a beautiful brunette girl will start flirting with him with intense eye contact. And potentially to make that flirting turn into something concrete, Charlie will unbutton his red shirt as he sits by the pool so his toned chest and abdominal area are exposed. Will the girl take notice and fall for the “bait”? Click play below and find out!


I’m personally not the biggest fan of this song, and actually for me there’s no more single-worthy stuff in “Voicenotes”, but I did enjoy the “The Way I Am” video. Why? Duh. GO CHARLIE’S ABS!

By on July 9, 2018
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