Charlie Puth & Selena Gomez Finally Perform “We Don’t Talk Anymore” Live / At “Revival Tour” Show In Anaheim [VIDEO]

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selena gomez charlie puth performance

A joint performance of these two at last!

We Don’t Talk Anymore” is undoubtedly the best song on Charlie Puth’s “Nine Track Mind” debut album - and that’s because it is a collaboration with princess Selena Gomez. OK, the song is very good too, but come on, being a collaboration with Selena Gomez is really what makes this song be one of a kind.

Anyhow, Selena and Charlie hadn't had the opportunity to perform “We Don’t Talk Anymore” together ever since Mr. Puth released “Nine Track Mind” back in JANUARY. Thankfully though, the musical couple finally found the time to make their schedules work last night, July 9.

During the Anaheim concert of her “Revival World Tour” yesterday, Selena Gomez brought Charlie Puth on stage to finally give us the very first joint performance of “We Don’t Talk Anymore” - and yep, it was cute. I wish there had been more fun jumping up and down from Selena as she did on that Instagram tease a long time ago, though, but I understand Selena thought maybe a classier attitude was required given Charlie was acting all serious playing the piano.

We Don’t Talk Anymore” has now become the new single from “Nine Track Mind” and I really hope they shoot a really great music video and that they get to perform the song at least once on a major television show in America. Selena leaves the US to take her tour overseas at the end of this month, so they better do this quick!



By on July 10, 2016
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