Charlie Puth & Kehlani’s Tension Can Be Cut With A Knife In “Done For Me”: Song Premiere

charlie puth done for me

Charlie Puth released a new song from his forthcoming second album “VoiceNotes” just moments ago. We’re talking about “Done For Me”, a collaboration with Kehlani that is believed to be too the album’s third official single. “Done For Me”, a very 80s R&B track, was released on all digital platforms just after Charlie premiered it with its first spin on Beats 1 this afternoon.

“Done For Me” is a song with a groovy bit and a deep conversation between Charlie Puth and Kehlani who play the roles of real couple that has reached a decisive point in their relationship. If they are to move forward together, they need to come clean and speak their minds without holding back. “I lie for you baby / I die for you baby / Cry for you baby / But tell me what you've done for me”, they sing on the chorus.

The lyrics may be very “oh my god, so much tension” but in the end they are wrapped in such a groovy 80s R&B beat that we kind of forget that tension and we just want to dance as we listen to how Charlie and Kehlani either fix or don’t fix their relationship, lol.

This must be a single!!! And I need a “Done For Me” music video with the most clever and original treatment ever.


By on March 15, 2018

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