Céline Dion’s “Ashes” Music Video Featuring Deadpool Is A Hilarious Must-Watch!

celine dion ashes
celine dion ashes video

I don't know what I love more; the song or the music video!

We all knew Céline Dion was going to premiere a new single today (it was announced) but we all believed it was going to be a song from her next studio album. But surprise! Céline's new song, a power ballad titled "Ashes", is actually part of the "Deadpool 2" soundtrack! Yes, I kid you not. Céline on the soundtrack of a "Deadpool" movie! And she's scored the first single! Amazing, huh? So unexpected but so cool. "Deadpool" may be one of the most violent movies ever but it also features a lot of comedy, and I know Céline likes her comedies - at least that's how I think her decision to contribute to this soundtrack was based on.

"Ashes" is a marvellous ballad about hope where the Canadian diva will just blow our minds with her signature powerful vocals.

The music video for "Ashes" (premiered at the same time with the single today) is also quite EVERYTHING. It sees Céline performing her ballad in a big theater as Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) wears heeled boots and does the most hilarious contemporary dance routine next to the Canadian songstress on the same stage.

The LOLs will be reveal.

And the ending dialogue between Céline and Deadpool will make your day too!


Read the lyrics to "Ashes" here

By on May 3, 2018
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