CeCe Frey's Debut Single "Dead 2 Me" Sounds Like A Pop Hit: Listen

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1 year and 10 months after the end of Season 2 of "The X Factor USA", finalist CeCe Frey releases her debut single. At last! If you don't remember, on that season CeCe was part of Demi Lovato's "Young Adults" group and made it until Week 6 of the live shows. What did she do in all this post-X Factor time? Well, perform a few gigs, and record a bunch of songs. She also apparently sought for a major label but neither Universal nor Sony Music were interested in what CeCe had to offer at the time, so she went along with the independent route.

At midnight today (Oct. 6), CeCe's debut single "Dead 2 Me" will be available on iTunes but you can stream the full song below NOW.

"Dead 2 Me" - DL Review

Wow. If I were a Universal or Sony executive I'd be punching my head against the wall. Who is going to be the first that signs CeCe? Her song "Dead 2 Me" sounds like a pop hit! It's very Katy Perry/Ke$ha and definitely something Bonnie Mckee would write. I've got the feeling CeCe Frey heard all of Katy and Ke$ha's discographies before beginning to work on her first album. I ain't hating at all! It's the opposite! I'm loving it! Katy Perry/Ke$ha-esque or not, the important thing is that CeCe has created a solid debut single, and I am totally impressed. You can ATTEMPT to imitate Ke$ha or Katy but you can't be sure that you're going to make it right. But CeCe has done it right.

"Dead 2 Me" is a delicious pop song that's totally going to become everyone's new break-up anthem. CeCe bashes her ex real bad and blames him for ruining their relationship. "Do you remember how it all went down?", asks CeCe in a menacing manner.

Hit or Miss?

Source: Audio file via Tumblr
By on October 6, 2014
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