Catie Turner’s Original Song ‘21st Century Machine’ Will Have Been One Of The Best Things From ‘American Idol’ Season 16 When It Ends!

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The revival season of American Idol premiered on ABC last Sunday and I didn’t watch. For me personally Idol died many seasons ago and I have only watched videos from select performances of the latest seasons that friends intentionally sent me because they said this or that contestant truly had something special and I simply had to watch them sing. So as for this revival season, I had no desire to watch, but then again, a friend emailed the audition video of this girl named Catie Turner who sang her original song “21st Century Machine” before the judges (the new panel consists of Katy Perry, Lionel Richie, and Luke Bryan) and I was blown away. After watching Catie’s audition I then decided to watch a few other auditions from the new season on YouTube and although there were some incredible voices as expected, no one made me feel like Catie with her audition. Catie is a shy 17-year-old girl from Langhorne, Pennsylvania that you immediately love upon your first encounter thanks to her sweet and super humble personality. And on top of this, Catie is a good singer and an amazing songwriter. And this is where I want make the most emphasis. I thought the few seconds of her original song “21st Century Machine” that she sang in her audition were simply magic. Those lyrics went straight to my heart and I kind of wanted to shed a tear or two due to all the emotions I was feeling. The melody, the construction of the lyrics, the message (!), the emotion embedded to the song; this all made for me “21st Century Machine” one of the most interesting original pop songs I have heard in quite a while. Of course Catie got all three yeses from the judges and she got her golden ticket to go to Hollywood. But I wanted more. I really needed to hear the full version of this song. And I was so thrilled when I found out Catie had uploaded an acoustic performance of the full “21st Century Machine” song on her YouTube channel. And I was glad to witness the rest of the lyrics were as moving.



I don’t know if Catie Turner will win American Idol – she looks so shy that I’m afraid that may penalize her if she manages to access the Live Shows. But anyway, I really hope she gets some sort of deal from a label, because she has a very sweet voice and most importantly her skills as a songwriter are brilliant. So, please God let at least a record label offer Catie the opportunity to record and release a studio version of “21st Century Machine”. That’s all I’m asking. I need this song in studio version. This song would perform so well on the US charts, I just know it. And to conclude this post, doesn’t Catie give you very-early Taylor Swift vibes in her audition? There’s definitely some special about this girl. Labels should truly pay her serious attention.

By on March 15, 2018
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