Cardi B's New Song "Drip" With Migos Makes Us Worried

cardi b drip

Cardi B doesn’t care her debut album “Invasion of Privacy” is coming out in just two days. The raptress decided to release a new song from said project this Wednesday morning because, why not. She probably thinks her fans are that desperate they can’t wait for two more days, lol. The brand new Cardi B song is called “Drip” and it features hip-hop trio Migos.

Produced by Cassius Jay, the beat is quite hot but OMG at Cardi B’s flow being so weak in this song. I was very much disappointed. And the lyrics are quite “meh” too. They boast your typical “let me rap about my success” theme. So originality is zero. The only savable moment from “Drip” is Takeoff’s verse. He knocked hard, very hard actually, and totally stole all of the spotlight in the song for me.

If Cardi B’s purpose with this surprise release called “Drip” was to get us extra hyped for Friday’s “Invasion of Privacy” store arrival, she totally managed to obtain the opposite result from me. I’m now doubting if I should get a copy of her album. Bad move.


Read the lyrics to "Drip" here

By on April 4, 2018
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