Cardi B’s ‘Ellen’ Interview Was Hilarious As Expected: Watch Here

cardi b on ellen
cardi b on ellen interview

Cardi B was a superb guest yesterday during her appearance on “The Ellen Show” where she was both interviewed and played a little game. Dressed in a satin red gown that covered her baby bump, Cardi B spoke to Ellen about her real name, what her friends in the hood call her, deciding to make the pregnancy reveal at her SNL performance, her fashion tricks to hide her baby bump during her latest promotional appearances, twerking at Coachella, “how she got pregnant”, her old days as a stripper and loving the job, her great personality opening doors for her, or what her current cravings are (Cardi B’s really loving ice cream and anything lemon-ish at the moment). Ellen also wanted to put Cardi B to test when she asked her about the gender and name of her baby but the raptress spilled no tea, and only said some people are going to find the name a bit “tricky”.

Later in her “Ellen” episode, Cardi B played the game called “5 Second Rule”.

Cardi B is one hilarious girl and I would definitely want her to appear on my talk show if I had one because A) I know ratings would go up and B) I know I would have a real good time.

PS: Have you bought "Invasion of Privacy" yet?

By on April 19, 2018
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