Cardi B Does Everything On ‘The Tonight Show’, Including Performing ‘Money Bag’

cardi b money bag performance
cardi b and jimmy fallon

Cardi B was extremely busy last night (April 9) on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" on NBC. She had to co-host, perform, play a game, and record a custom voicemail message for a fan.

Her "Invasion of Privacy" album got released only last Friday so Atlantic Records has booked every possible media appearance for Cardi B to do this week. And it all started with "The Tonight Show" yesterday.

Cardi B did the opening monologue together with Jimmy Fallon, she performed "Money Bag" for the first time on TV, she played a game of "Box of Lies", and she helped a fan out with a voicemail recording.

Focusing on the performance, though, it was the freaking bomb. So much energy, so much cool rapping attitude, and I was just nodding my head along the entire time.


By on April 10, 2018
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