Camila Cabello Wishes Now Her Debut Solo Album Wasn’t Named “Camila” But…

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Camila Cabello kind of sounds like a person who think nothing is ever good enough. That sometimes is a gift, though. Because it could mean you are a perfectionist. But in other cases, it could be that you get too obsessed about things to an unhealthy level.

In a recent interview for where she discussed the Top 5 defining moments for her in 2018, the "Havana" star said that she wishes she hadn't named her debut solo album “Camila”. She just doesn't like it is self-titled anymore. She said she doesn't like how "When writing CAMILA..." sounds. So what's her alternative? She said she wishes it was named “Never Be The Same” instead... lol.

WATCH (go to 0:47)

May I remind you the first title of the album was “The Hurting, The Healing, The Loving”. Then it was changed to just “Camila”. Against Camila's wishes apparently? Hmmm… I personally don’t think. And now this third option suddenly appears. Camila needs to be more resolute. She needs less hesitating and more determination. Hopefully she gets those skills by the time choosing the title of album number 2 comes!

So, what title do YOU prefer? Let us know!

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By on December 16, 2018

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