Camila Cabello Walks Through Autumn & Winter In High-Budget “Consequences” Music Video: Watch Now!

camila cabello consequences video
camila cabello consequences video premiere

Camila Cabello is taking a risk personally choosing “Consequences”, a ballad, as the next and last single from her debut solo album over a banger like “She Loves Control”, and she knows it, but I wish her the best with this risky bet. Autumn and winter is the best time for a ballad single release so who knows! Camila’s gamble might actually work. But she knows she has to promote this very hard.

Today, the “Consequences” music video was premiered on YouTube. Just a day after the new orchestra mix was released on digital platforms and she performed the new single at the American Music Awards 2018. So the “hard” promo is kicking off quite nicely!

Directed by Dave Meyers, the “Consequences” visual sees Camila Cabello literally walking through autumn and winter, dancing under and by the moon, and reminiscing about former love. The photography in this video was amazing, WOW at the big budget this evidently had, and what a beautiful scenery and beautiful filming the ending had. Does anybody know where that park is? I need to do some autumn Instagram photoshoot at that same spot ASAP!

Did you love this music video too? :)


By on October 10, 2018

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