Camila Cabello Stuns With “Never Be The Same” Performance On ‘Ellen’: Watch Now

camila cabello never be the same ellen
camila cabello never be the same ellen premiere

Camila Cabello was the musical guest on today’s episode of “The Ellen Show” (March 21).

The young pop singer performed her new single “Never Be The Same”.

“Never Be The Same” has been on a steady climb on the charts ever since it was released as the next single from “Camila”. Last week it reached a new peak on the Billboard Hot 100 by climbing up to #16. Will we see on the Top 10 in the month of April? Looks like it!

camila cabello never be the same ellen show

Today’s “Never Be The Same” performance on “Ellen” went great. Camila looked flawless, she sounded superb live, and I just enjoyed everything she had in store for us in this performance. I loved the colorful backdrops and I loved the inclusion of the “arms” routine where various female hands would touch and caress Camila as she sung the fabulous pre-chorus of “Never Be The Same”. But as “Ellen” is a daytime show of course we had to resign ourselves to hearing the censored version – so no “heroin” or “morphine”. Oh well. At least the censored version of “Never Be The Same” fits rather well unlike the censored versions of other songs.


Read the lyrics to "Never Be The Same" here


By on March 21, 2018
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