Brooke Candy’s New Rave-Urban Single “Rubber Band Stacks” Is To Die For: Listen Now

brooke candy rubber band stacks

Brooke Candy’s new single is out! “Rubber Band Stacks” wasn’t supposed to have been heard by our ears until August 17th (its scheduled digital release date) but the full song surfaced online just moments ago (Aug. 13). RCA better move quick and push up the release date or make it available on iTunes today!

Rubber Band Stacks” is said to be the first single from the Oxnard raptress’ yet-untitled full-length studio album, which is allegedly coming out ‘soon’ on RCA Records. One of the executive producers of the album in none other than “Chandelier” star Sia so you can BET your life Brooke’s debut album will be flawless from track 1 to track 15 (yes, I’m hoping she gives us at least 15 songs).

Last year when Brooke dropped her “Opulence” EP (which I completely LOVED and have been her fan ever since) we interviewed her and in one of her answers she said that her debut album would be coming out in “January 2015”, but ladies and gentleman, we are in August and there’s no trace of it. I only can assume that RCA politely ‘asked’ Brooke to keep on working on the record to perfect it (“Opulence” didn’t really caused much buzz, so this must be the reason) and that ‘later’ they would let her know about the release date. Hopefully both parties have already discussed it because word in the street is that the album is being released before 2015 ends and I’m sure the rumors are coming from source.

REVIEW: Best way to describe “Rubber Band Stacks” is rave meets urban music. Brooke’s new single has got a futuristic vibe, it’s fast-pace, there’s an unnamed guy singing along with Brooke - trading verses, Brooke delivers her usual swagger-licious rap, and she just slayed my miserable existence with this song. It’s AMAZING! First thing that I thought after hearing “Rubber Band Stacks” for the first time: “baby, the future is now!”. The only thing that I don’t like is that it’s too short. How come it’s under 3 minutes long? Grrr! Anyway, can’t wait to lose my life dancing to this rave-urban banger at the club!

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By on August 13, 2015
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