Brooke Candy & Sia Team Up On New Song “Living Out Loud”: Hear The KDA Remix First! (Update: Original Edit Added)

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I really don't know what's going to be the future of Brooke Candy but I see RCA Records is yet to throw the towel on her.

Neither her freaky "Opulence" nor peaceful "Happy Days" eras worked out the way she and RCA wanted to but she promised to give fans a debut album called "The Daddy Issues" and I hope Brooke keeps her promise.

Today, RCA released on Spotify a KDA remix of the original new song "Living Out Loud", performed by Brooke Candy and Sia.

  • Who's KDA? Check out "Just Say" and be slayed.
  • Where's this from? That's yet to be revealed. But let's say it doesn't "feel" like something from "The Daddy Issues". It's quite a bizarre song.

I'm quite surprised at this release, though. How come we get a remix instead of the original version first?

"Living Out Loud (KDA Remix)" boasts a super infectious house-pop beat and Brooke and Sia, who worked with Ms. Candy on the original draft of her first RCA album before everything was scrapped apparently, singing a half of the song each. The vocal executions are bit weird but they kind of work with the KDA production. Not sure how well they would work in the "original, for-the-radio" version, though...

Hit or Miss?



***UPDATE***: Today, February 3rd, the original edit has been unveiled!

By on December 15, 2016

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