Broods Exclusive Interview: On Beginnings, Capitol Signing & Debut Album "Evergreen"

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Hailing from New Zealand - a country that’s exported a lot of amazing talent in recent times (Lorde, Kimbra) – indie-pop duo Broods may be in the early stages of their career but everything they’ve achieved thus far is definitely something to be envied. The Nott siblings dropped their critically-acclaimed debut single "Bridges" in September last year and almost immediately they got signed by US label Capitol Records. In January this year, they released their self-titled debut EP, and on October 7th, Broods will release their full-length debut album "Evergreen" in the U.S.

With the first single “Mother & Father” progressively rising on US radio – re-watch Broods‘ performance on “Seth Meyers" - Broods have made a dream of theirs come true: to take their music to limits beyond New Zealand and Australia. And, by the way, do you know who produced Broods' EP and album? None other than Joel Little, yeah, the same guy who executive produced Lorde's flawless "Pure Heroine" album! If you haven't heard Broods' music yet, I strongly recommend you to. Just imagine beautiful and relaxing indie-pop vocals combined with brilliant beats crafted by the Lorde producer! #Magic. caught up last week with Georgia and Caleb Nott of Broods to talk about the origins and the career development of the indie-pop duo. From meeting Joel Little for the very first time, getting signed to a major label, releasing “Bridges”, upcoming LP “Evergreen” or playing shows in lands very far away from home.

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When and how did you decide to become a duo?

We've always been into the same sort of music and worked well together. We just had the same ambition our whole lives. Plus we grew up together so we know how to deal with each other.

Your songs are produced by Joel Little. We know Joel very well because he executive produced Lorde’s debut album “Pure Heroine” including the hit single “Royals”. How did you get in touch with Joel Little, and did you "connect" musically with him very easily?

We've known Joel since we were at school. He was a judge at a competition we entered called Rock Quest. We ended up working with him through that and kept in touch till we reconnected to do the EP. The best thing about working with Joel is the fact that he knows exactly who we are and what we want as musicians and people. He knows how to draw our potential out, even when we don't.

With Broods and Lorde having recorded with Joel Little, the question is obvious: Have you met Lorde?

Yes, we've met her. The industry in New Zealand is extremely supportive of one another. It's not huge so everyone just kinda knows everyone.

Why did you decide to name yourselves Broods?

It's relevant to us. We're siblings and when we write we go into a very broody place. We love a bit of dark and broody music.

You released your self-titled debut EP in New Zealand and Australia early in 2014. How long did it take to record the EP and how did you feel when you saw it finally available on iTunes and the rest of digital platforms?

We wrote and recorded the EP over a year whenever we had time off from work and uni. We put Bridges up on Soundcloud and it opened up so many doors for us, including a record deal with Polydor (UK) and Capitol (US).

Your debut single was “Bridges”. Will it always have a special place in your hearts?

Yeah I think we'll always see it as the song that got us out of our rooms and into the industry in a way. People on the other side of the world want to hear what we create now (not just our parents *laugh*).

After the release of your EP, we found out you had signed with Capitol Records. What’s the story of your signing?

It was kind of a blur to be honest. It seemed like we put Bridges online in September 2013 and the next week it was being blogged about. About a month later we were talking to labels and then we flew to LA in December to sign the deal. I still remember hesitating when writing my signature because I realized this was the most important and life changing time I had ever written my name.

broods interview

“Evergreen” will be your debut full-length album. The album is out in the States on October 7th. What can fans expect in this album?

It's broods from every angle. We really got to show a broad spectrum of what we love to write. It was so much fun to make so all we can hope for is that it's memorable to listen to.

We like the sound of your first single "Mother and Father". Although the title says it all, what's the story behind this particular song?

It's about leaving home for one. But it's also about trying to make a good life for yourself outside of the foundations you had built around you as a kid. The best way to describe what was going through my mind when writing it is a lyric from my favourite Fleetwood Mac song, Landslide "I've been afraid of changing 'cause I built my life around you". Our parents gave us an amazing childhood and upbringing so it hard to imagine our lives away from them.

We see you as wolves on the album artwork. Why is that?

We liked the idea of wolves moving in packs. They protect each other and that's our biggest priority through all that's happening to us; to look out for each other and keep each other on track.

What’s the song-writing process like for Broods?

It's always changing as we're always experimenting with the way we make music. Sometimes we'll write the arrangement and then think of lyrics or write a whole demo on our own and then produce it up.

You’ve played quite a few shows this year. What’s been the most memorable crowd?

We played a show in Albany yesterday and there were so many people crowd surfing, it was nuts!

Siblings tend to love and hate each other all the time. Could you name one thing you like and hate of each other?

We don't hate each other. Hate is an extremely strong word. We get tired and snap at each other, but that's about it. People think we're lying when we say that, but we legitimately don't clash.

You hail from a city named Nelson in New Zealand. What do you love the most about you city?

The vibe and the scenery. Where we live you can see the beach and snowy mountains at the same time. No one is ever in a rush and then in the summer time there is no better place on earth.

Where are you answering this Q&A from and how’s your day been like?

From our tour bus while watching Rush Hour. We've just sound checked for our gig in Rochester, NY.

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