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Britney Spears Pulls A “Valentina” In Japan: The Mask Struggle Is Real

britney spears mask
britney spears mask japan

We now live in a world where apparently masks are really difficult to take off for whatever reason.

It happened to fan-favorite Valentina, from Season 9 of VH1’s “RuPaul’s Drag Race”, a few weeks ago when she was eliminated from the drag queens competition. In Valentina’s case, it wasn’t the difficulty of removing the half-face red mask she decided to wear for her runaway presentation on episode 9 that was the issue, but the difficulty on a personal level of doing so. Valentina had no time to finish the make-up of her face that day and hence decided to wear the mask to cover her flaws. But little did she know she would land in the bottom two on that episode and that she’d have to lip-synch for her life against fellow contestant Nina Bo’Nina Brown. And at that moment, another issue caught up with her. She hadn’t learned the lyrics of the song she had to lip-synch to: Ariana Grande’s “Greedy”. So her solution was to simply keep the mask on during the performance to prevent the embarrassment. But little did Valentina know too that RuPaul would stop the performance halfway and force her to remove her mask and do a proper lip-synch showing her lips. And there you go. That was “maskgate” number 1. In this case, Valentina freaked the hell out because of the uncomfortable situation created, thus providing a weak lip-synch performance and getting eliminated from the show.

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And now “maskgate” number 2 is here. It happened to Britney Spears over the weekend during her first show, of the overseas taking of her Las Vegas residency spectacle, in Japan. Britney was performing “I’m Slave 4 You” and wearing a full-face glittery mask while doing so. At one point during the performance, Britney had to remove the mask to go on with the routine but bad luck made its appearance when she tried to take it off. The mask got tangled up with her microphone piece so when she tried to quickly and powerfully remove the mask, as she had rehearsed, it all got messed up in her hair. Britney wrestled with it for many long seconds, affecting the normal course of the routine, exposing her lip-synch, and leaving Japanese fans in the crowd in a state of shock. After she finally managed to get rid of the mask, Britney carried on with the performance as if nothing had happened. But something did happen. And it’ll live forever in videos on social media, and in GIFs and memes.

For the subsequent dates, Britney did the right thing and entirely removed the mask using from the “I’m Slave 4 You” performance. Well thought!

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By on June 6, 2017
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