Brandon Flowers - "Still Want You" [Music Video Premiere!]

brandon flowers still want you video
brandon flowers still want you video premiere

This won’t be of Brandon Flowers’ liking but this is what the Internet does; to “unveil” stuff that wasn’t scheduled to come out just yet.

The Killers frontman Brandon F. has picked the follow-up to “Can’t Deny My Love” (so soon this amazing song dies. Why?) and therefore the second single from his upcoming second solo album “The Desired Effect” (out May 18) and that’s the gospel-backed track “Still Want You”. Its Warren Fu-directed music video has been repeatedly teased by Brandon in the last few days on his social media and although it wasn’t supposed to come out for at least a few more days, the Internet has caught up to Brandon as the entire thing made its way to the Net earlier today (April 11). I guess Brandon and his label will have to push up the VEVO premiere to NOW!

Note: This is the first time we get to listen to “Still Want You” in its full HQ studio version too. So it’s video and audio premiere all at the same time!

Who’s loving “Still Want You” more than “Can’t Deny My Love”? I AM! The first single was amazing but this new song is just ‘instant’, quite catchy at moments, and evidently a whole more radio-friendly than its predecessor. For all this and much more I’m happy “Still Want You” is here with us right now and that is the new “The Desired Effect” single. Guess I don’t mind “Can’t Deny My Love” has “died” so young anymore.

As for the leaked music video, it’s just a super slick, black and white thing! It didn’t need anything more or a bigger budget. It’s perfect as it is.

UPDATE: Official VEVO embed added!

Loving the video and song?

By on April 11, 2015

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