Beyoncé Gets On J. Balvin's "Mi Gente" Remix: Hear Her Sing Spanish!

beyonce mi gente cover

Beyonce’s “Despacito” is coming.

An official Spanglish remix of Colombian reggaeton J. Balvin’s global smash hit “Mi Gente” featuring queen Beyoncé got released by surprise on digital platforms today. Just like “Despacito”, in the case of Luis Fonsi and Justin Bieber, the “Mi Gente” remix hears Beyoncé singing the chorus of the song in Spanish and singing a full original verse in English.

Speaking on the why of this unexpected remix, Beyoncé wrote on Instagram: “I am donating my proceeds from this song to hurricane relief charities for Puerto Rico, Mexico and the other affected Caribbean islands. To help go to”.

From this straightforward message it seems that what really moved Beyoncé to record this remix wasn’t really her liking the original song or the good money it would mean for her bank account, she just thought that her being on this remix would mean a lot of money in sales and that that money could be used for a good purpose, i.e relief charities. Such a generous queen! And we infer all of this because Beyoncé hasn’t expressed her “gratitude” for J. Balvin to allow her to participate in this remix yet, nor she has expressed her “excitement” for being on this multi-cultural musical project - all she had said so far is: “it’s all for a good cause”. Not sure how this is going to be taken by J. Balvin but what the hell, right? He’s gotten BEYONCÉ on his song and nobody is going to pull him down from that cloud of happiness right now!


That was cool!

It’s always a pleasure hearing Beyoncé sing in Spanish. We really thought we wouldn’t hear her singing in this language at all after the “B’Day” era but surprise, surprise, you never can say never!

Our only critique? It’s a tiny one. Just like the “Despacito” remix, J. Balvin should have let Beyoncé open the song with the very first line, and I would have moved her English verse to the first part. This just so people immediately know this is the "Mi Gente" remix version and so the connection between the English-speaking people and the remix is instant. Other than that, this is a hot remix!

By on September 29, 2017
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