Bebe Rexha Shades Rihanna: “She Can’t Sing…”

bebe rexha rihanna shade

Earlier this weekend Bebe Rexha did a concert in Augusta, Georgia.

The concert was going as planned, everybody was having a good time, until the moment arrived when Bebe dropped the “bomb”.

She, out of nowhere, while finishing performing her own rendition of “The Monster”, the song she co-wrote for Eminem and Rihanna, she decided to throw a little shade at the Barbados pop sensation.

Bebe had decided to talk about “The Monster” more in detail. She confirmed she was the one singing the “oooh, oooh” parts in the official studio version of the song and not Rihanna, and this is when the shade-throwing took place. “SHE CAN’T SING THOSE HIGH NOTES”, Bebe told the crowd in a bitchy attitude. The crowd didn’t know how to react. Some cheered Bebe, and some, like the fan who filmed the video footage below, were left in a state of shock, for they are fans of both Bebe and Rihanna.

This was unnecessary shade. Why talk bad about the person who’s making you gain millions because of the song she made a global hit and not you? Shouldn't Bebe be more grateful and keep her mouth shut?

Plus, it’s not even true what she says. I’ve seen some live performances of Rihanna where she clearly sings the “oooh, oooh” moments quite well.

After this stupid shade, I hope Bebe understands she won’t be collaborating ever again with Rihanna. She is definitely blacklisted now. And I hope she realizes too that she's going to suffer massive backslash from Rihanna's fans. Just look at some of the things The Navy are tweeting to Bebe already:

By on June 25, 2017
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