Bazzi Plays The Tormentor Role In New Song "Honest": Listen

bazzi honest

R&B/pop singer-songwriter Bazzi, who we all know from his smash hit “Mine”, announced last week that he would be releasing his debut album on April 12th via IamCosmic/Atlantic Records. The announcement came together with the premiere of a new ‘countdown single’ titled “Honest”. With just 3 days out, “Honest” has racked up over 1 million play on Spotify and almost half a million views for its audio video on YouTube. And that’s big y’all. Atlantic Records made the right decision on giving Bazzi all the resources to finish his debut album as fast as possible. He may not be a ‘superstar’ yet but I can already tell that when his album drops next month, the sales will be major.

Honest” is another R&B/pop gem from Bazzi whose lyrics have the American-Lebanese crooner giving his ex girlfriend a hard time after she left him for another man, Bazzi’s best friend to be precise (drama!!!), by asking and telling her things that will mess with her mind. “I wonder if he still hit you now, f*cking you like I used to / I know you think about all the things that we did when he's with you / And do you feel no shame? / Does it make you feel the same?”, sings Bazzi on the chorus.

I'm usually not fond of 'love tormentors' but there’s no denying “Honest” is such a stunner. My god this guy is talented!


Read the lyrics to "Honest" here

By on March 26, 2018
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