Bazzi Falls From The Sky In “Dreams” Music Video: Mesmerizing Eyes Alert!

bazzi dreams music video
bazzi dreams video

I thought there was going to be more promotion for the “Beautiful” remix with Camila Cabello but ok… looks like Bazzi is ready to move on? Did the “Beautiful” remix perhaps didn’t have the impact he or his label wanted? I don’t know but what I do know is that Bazzi premiered earlier on Monday an official music video for “Dreams”, the intro track of his debut album “Cosmic”. “Dreams” is very cute and so is this music video - directed by Miggy. The video opens with handsome Bazzi falling from the sky onto a forest where he will be served some hot tea as a beautiful and mysterious woman walks off crossing a blue door. Bazzi will chase her and will suddenly find himself a) downsized and b) in the dollhouse of this girl. When the girl is about to grab him to play with her they both will teleport, returning to their normal sizes, to a random street where Bazzi will be the one now attempting to hold on to her but BOOM – he will abruptly be back to his non-stop falling from the sky scenario.

Can Bazzi be more dreamy? Those eyes!

PS: I really though Bazzi’s next single would be “3:15” but oh well. The next one then!


By on November 13, 2018

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