Azealia Banks Flaunts It In "SODA" Music Video: Watch

azealia banks soda video
azealia banks soda video premiere

Azealia Banks premiered the official music video for her song “SODA” in the late night hours of Tuesday (March 20). “SODA” is taken from the raptress’ 2014 full-length debut album “Broke With An Expensive Taste”.

Why giving such an old song the music video treatment today? I have no answer for that but hey, if it’s something new (in this case a new music video) then gimme!

Elaborating on what inspired “SODA”, Azealia posted the following on Instagram:

“This song is about my time in 2012. Everything in the world was going well for me but I was just so sad. Earlier in the year I broke up with someone I thought I’d be with forever and was finding it hard to cope with the loneliness. The guy served many roles in my life including being the very first father figure I’d ever had. When we broke up many pieces of what I considered to be my life and family fell apart. After the fallout I looked to hip-hop to replace my former father figure but that made it harder to deal with considering how adamant the men in hiphop were about constantly disrespecting me and my craft. To them I was a joke but inside I felt abandoned... I felt worthless, And it showed. I began lashing out at everything and everyone without any ability to control the storm that was brewing inside of me. The public could tell that something was eating me up - but I was too proud to admit that my heart was breaking in more ways than one. Once the physical effects of anxiety and depression became too hard to bear (I had this permanent knot in my throat that I just couldn’t get rid of... you know the kind when you feel you are about to cry) I started experimenting with self-medication.. you name it ... i tried it. I had been signed to polydor for a year by this point and was having a hard time simply getting out of bed and an even harder time getting to the studio. After building a tolerance to everything, I decided to go to a psychiatrist and get a prescription for anti-depressants. The first drugs given to me were Lexapro and Lamictal. Lexapro made me fat and lamictal made me feel as though I was in a chemical straight jacket, so I was switched to Wellbutrin which made me feel really paranoid and irritable. Underneath it all was still this aching loneliness and impending sense of doom. I spent most of my days rolling around in bed crying, or staring blankly at the wall, deep in the grasp of whatever combination of shit I had in my system. There was a time when my dresser counter was cluttered with empty prescription bottles, half smoked joints, empty wine bottles and take-out receipts .... which is when I wrote the first words to this song”

Directed by Jahvel Brown, the “SODA” music video sees Azealia Banks being the queen of the desert and the canyon. She will pose, sit, and strut under a scorching sun all while flaunting her gigantic breast situation.


By on March 21, 2018
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