Awkward! Watch Taylor Swift's Reaction To Hearing A John Mayer Song On "The Voice"

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That’s an interesting choice”, Adam Levine said about contestant Blessing Offor’s decision to cover John Mayer’s hit song “Your Body Is A Wonderland” on his dead or life “Knockout” performance on “The Voice”. I’m still, though, not sure if Adam said that in reference of his hesitation that his team member Blessing Offor shouldn’t be doing a “pop” song, or if he said that as sort of a “woah!” reaction knowing John Mayer’s ex Taylor Swift was standing next to him. Taylor is a mentor on Season 7 of the “The Voice” and she’s been helping coaches and contestants with advice and sharing her experiences in the music business. During Blessing Offor’s “segment” on the latest “Knockouts” episode of “The Voice” aired last night (Monday, Nov. 3), Taylor stood next to Maroon 5’s Adam Levine as they heard Blessing Offor’s beautiful acoustic rendition of “Your Body Is A Wonderland” with just a piano in the rehearsals.

When inquired by Adam about his song choice for the “Knockouts”, Blessing replied “Your Body Is A Wonderland by John Mayer”, and you can immediately see in the video below Taylor Swift’s jaw dropping and eyes popping. Camera attention immediately switches to Adam to avoid further Taylor embarrassment but then that’s when Adam says: “That’s an interesting choice”. Throwing a little shade at Taylor? The “1989” star shook it off though and acted like a professional during Blessing Offor’s entire rehearsal. She knew she couldn’t give John Mayer – they broke up really bad. And John has publicly slammed Taylor for writing awful songs about him so they are are no friends – any kind of victory over her so Taylor put out on a fake mask and acted totally cool about Blessing’s song choice. And even SANG ALONG and BOPPED to “Your Body Is A Wonderland” from the red chair!!! Oh boy.

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That was an incredible version of that song”, said Taylor to Blessing after she saw him perform “Your Body Is A Wonderland”. We all know what she really wanted to say was: “You’re a bastard for putting me this in this situation! And I hate this song and I hate John Mayer!”.

If Blessing Offor wanted to sing a song of/inspired in a Taylor Swift ex, he should have chosen one of her new songs from her AMAZING new album1989”. The Harry Styles-inspired “Out of the Woods” or “Style” for instance. Taylor would have been put on the same awkward situation because Blessing Offor would still be singing about one of her exes but at least she’d be getting free promo for her new album!


By on November 4, 2014

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