Ariana Grande’s “Imagine” Is Coming For “Thank U, Next”’s Throne: Single Premiere / Review

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Yes, I'm heavily surprised just like you that Ariana Grande would release a new single so soon after releasing “Thank U, Next”. “Thank U, Next” is still loved by the general public, radios, and its currently at number one (back again) on the Billboard Hot 100. There were talks “Thank U, Next” could stay at number one this time for several weeks but now that a new single has been unleashed, all the attention will switch from the older single to the newer single. Meaning the beloved “Thank U, Next” could see its reign being stolen by its follow-up brother. See, the new single “Imagine” (released at Thursday midnight) is, as of this post, at number 1 on iTunes. And it didn't take it very long to climb to that position. Just a couple of hours. So why would Ariana release a new single so fast when that would boycott the current single that's still performing so strongly? I can only think of one reason: that the release of her fifth studio album is rather imminent. Late January imminent? Could be! And by the look of the tweet below, where Ariana explains to a fan why choosing “Imagine” as her next single, it seems there will be a third single before the new album comes out (so she's going to wait until “Imagine” hits number one on the Hot 100 too to, boom, drop the next single and get her third consecutive number one? She's greedy, haha).

“Imagine” is a mid-tempo ballad with a soothing minimalist production and delicate Ariana vocals where she sings of an unexpected love that came into her life. A deeply-in-love Ariana will imagine all the amazing dates they're going to have, the adorable and steamy experiences they're going to share, and essentially the bright future she believes they will enjoy. But is the guy on Ariana's same page? It looks like no. *heart breaks*

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That was so good.

Can't wait for “7 Rings” next. I love how "commanding" was the adjective she used to describe that next single, and call it in the same vein as “Thank U, Next”.

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By on December 14, 2018

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